Latest news - Threshold, the second instalment of improvised soundscape works from myself and Peter Maynard is now available.

Very pleased to announce the release of Threshold. A continuation of the same process that created Dust, Threshold, is an immersive journey through wide vistas and quiet views, enveloped by ever changing weather patterns. At times, even we can’t always tell who played what.

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Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard

Taken from careful but sparse edits of material gathered from our improvised playing, Threshold leads you on the second section of a journey through revealed moments and half-glimpsed melodies. Very much a sister recording to its brother, Dust, the music on Threshold was never pre-planned - we did not know what was going to emerge from moment to moment, but time and again, we found that everything coalesced into a beautiful, intimate and ambient form that only needed the bare minimum of editing to give it structure.