I look to create sonic textures and lower case music. A point when music and sound hang in the air, particles and elements in constant agitation around a theme or half-remembered thought.

I remember as a small boy, watching a film about an artist who had made a sculptural piece of work that involved hanging large pieces of metal and wood inside an old barn. When one piece was moved it made contact with another until ever so gradually, the whole building was filled with random motion and sounds. I was fascinated by the serendipitous nature of this creation.


I like sounds that evolve in a way that I can’t always control, I seek out the random, juxtaposition of tiny noises and then set them against sustained piano notes that drift in and out of phase, or complex modulation paths that produce unpredictable filter blips.

Further information can be found on the Disco Gecko web-site and through Bandcamp.

You can also listen to released albums on Bandcamp or additional work here, on SoundCloud.

Older recordings in the archive are available directly from myself.

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The Silent Cartographer

Andrew Heath

After the Magus - to resound

Andrew Heath with Felix Jay + Hans-Joachim Roedelius


Andrew Heath


Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard


Andrew Heath + Peter Maynard